I Panic At A Chemical Disco on Mars

Hello. So welcome to the place where you can talk with me and see alot of photos about My Chemical Romance, 30 Seconds To Mars and of course Panic At The Disco. And also, Fall Out Boy and others.
I ship different relationships: Ryden (Ryan/Brendon) Frerard (Frank/Gerard) Phan (Phill/Dan)
Here you can also talk with me about hypotheses about your OTP as long as I know who they are.

For a last point, my parents called me Héloïse, I'm french, but I think that my english level is enough to understand you and I'm 15, and you know everything.

I will maybe post some of my art works because I really love drawing and it's my passion so.. I always draw my idols too, so as it is the same as yours it's.. cool!

MCR can never die, "we will always burn as bright".

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